Pardon me everyone to come across with this interruptive out of schedule post but something struck my head today and I just can’t shut up!!!

For the readers here just have to put up with my insanity, thank you very much! Pleasure!

Why do we need criticism?
Let’s say, look at the following picture, forgetting it’s a photograph:


Now one would look at it and say: I like or I don’t like! and…why shouldn’t that be enough depending on personal taste?

Or should One say: I think the colour of the flowers is not appealing enough. Mothernature should be more careful when making them as they don’t match accordingly in size and leave me feeling melancholic.

Should Mothernature get all pissed of about One’s opinion and start making these flowers exactly square and pink?

What about the rest of the population of the world? Would their opinion matters to Mothernature too?

What if One is a critic and say the flowers are the most compelling beautiful art in the world, is everyone going to rush to buy some?