If you want to write a really long post with lots of images, but you don’t want to display the whole thing on the front page, what can you do?

WordPress allows you to split your post into two parts using the “More…” option. On the latest version of Art & Perception, the “More…” appears on the front page as a link with the text (in this example): “Continue reading More on more”.

Here is how you do it. If you are using the “visual rich editor” option, then your “Write Post” form looks something like this:

The icon circled at “A” is the “More” icon. Put the text cursor in the part of the post where you want to make the split, click the icon, and the “More…” will be added (as shown in the circle marked “B”. If you look at the html code (use the HTML icon to see that), you will see that the code for “More…” as shown in circle “C”.

If you are not using the “visual rich editor” when writing, then your “Write Post” form will look like this:

To create the “More…” click the “more” button (circle “1”). The result will be the code in circle “2”.

How can you decide whether or not to use the “visual rich editor? Log in to your Art & Perception account, look at upper right corner (where for me it says, “Howdy, Karl Zipser. [Sign out, My Account]”). Click “My Account”, then scroll to the bottom of the page to where it says ”

Personal Options

Checking the box will let you use the “visual rich editor.” But don’t forget to click the “Update Profile>>” button, or the change won’t be saved.

. . .

If you are interested in learning more about how to use WordPress, check out Working with WordPress. Or, buy the book WordPress 2. I purchased this recently. I find it useful, even though the information is online.