Inspired by our previous discussion, I prepared an art studio/blog layout.

I haven’t been able to develop the individual sites as much as I would like to (in terms of adding content), but there is enough there I hope to give the basic flavor, and to hopefully get some critical feedback.

Here is Hanneke’s new blog.

Here is my Mother’s blog — she filled it up herself, which shows that the software works for others as well as for me ;-)

Here is our family blog (a variation designed for a group of people).

Here is where you can go if you want to make your own blog. Here are some configuration instructions (without which it won’t function like those above).

I’d be happy to configure some of these blogs for others as well (it takes only a couple of minutes).

I’d be interested to see a screen shot of Hanneke’s blog from a Windows computer. I think there is a difference from what I see on my Mac.

The new sites are free. The software is all Open Source, based on Open Source software distributed by WordPress MU. You can download it from the site mentioned above and do what you like with it. Everything will get much better. This is only version 0.2 of the template Theme. The functional core is solid WordPress, however. I only adjust the layout and display organization. The blogs should function as solidly as anything on the internet (famous last words?)

The Theme is compatible with WordPress 2.0, so you could try it on your own regular WordPress installation if you have one.