drawing by Françesca at age 3

I wanted to do a post about the drawings that my children made. I have an incredible amount of them (drawings, that is, plus five kids). The first thing was to choose and scan and crop and choose and scan and crop.

I chose drawings that use pen (as well as pencil) because I am always so moved by the expressive output of such a simple medium. I like the sharp lines — like in etchings. I like the blue color. I am amazed about the sensitivity in the lines, especially when you look from close up. Then I gathered some drawings from different children, and scanned them and cropped them. Then something else came to my mind. How they change in time as the children grow older? Which age do you like best? Which drawing?


drawing by Olivier at age 7 (now he’s 18)

. . .


drawing by Sarita at age 10 (now she’s 20)

I tend to prefer the artwork by youngest for the beauty of the lines, but the middle one I find moving because of the expression — it’s parts of a series of portraits. What do you think of the last portrait? Interesting that she made the skin color with pen as well.
. . .

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