Well, it’s very difficult to post today. I’ve been too busy drawing to write very much; furthermore, I can certainly not manage handling any comments. I’ve hardly had time to comment on anyone else’s post for the past 48 hours. For example, Leslie wrote an excellent post on artistic changes of opinion, and I’d love to chat on that most interesting topic, but it’s no use. When it comes to a choice between the talking, whether on the internet or in person, or art, the talk goes.

I’d love to talk about what I’ve been doing, but all my ideas are in germinal stages — too tender and young to handle inquisitions. For example, I’ve finally, finally figured out how to render the face of the main character of my novel based on certain versions the famous Antinous, also spelled Antino√∂s (Greek: [need to debug Greek fonts on A&P]). I discovered that my sketches from imagination correspond rather spookily to actual scenes and places from Eleusis, Greece. [The set of Book One of Falconius Dianae: Bellum Terrae Bellae (Diana’s Falcon: The War of the Beautiful Earth)] That to the point where I go, when looking at reconstructions, “No, there were a lot more trees; that building was not there then, and there was a spring over there; also, the red was a rusty, earth color, not that tacky vermillion. Hmm. Have the springs all dried? There were so many before. Gee. I wonder if the swimming hole’s still there. No matter. I am drawing it my way.”

Fun. For me.

But where’s the discussion?

Honestly. How do you handle internet time versus art time? I find I really can’t. I don’t know what to do. I just barely keep up with the site admin. Like yesterday, there were some really, really weird things that happened, and that, as far as I was concerned, was IT on the computer for the day.