For me, Art competes with Life.

Just a few minutes ago, while sitting here, thinking, I overheard my son tell my wife how his friend B.’s sister, C., was trying to starve her turtle because she wanted to get a new pet. On the sly, B. was feeding the turtle. B. admitted that he too wanted a new pet and had decided to stop feeding his fish. They were still alive, though, and he wondered if C. was feeding them. He was pretty sure that she was.

I suppose this is why my expectations for the art experience are pretty high. I look at a lot of work and it is always curious to me when and why a work thrills me and how some continue to do so?

I saw these photographs by Larry Sultan in San Francisco over fifteen years ago. I think about them often.

Golf Swing

ls02.jpg,br /> Mom posing by green wall and Dad watching TV