I’ve recently taken to carrying my Canon Elph around during some of my late night prowling.   Among other things, I’m fascinated by the interesting results you can achieve with a simple digital camera in the absence of light and minus the flash.  Actually, while I may successfully frame a shot in almost complete darkness, it isn’t until I get home and load the photos on my computer that I discover many of the interesting details.  In fact, I’m often delighted and surprised by the results, revealing scenes that my naked eye failed to see.  Sometimes the effects are ghostly and othertimes quite erotic (at least to a queer eye.)

Gym Bar, Chelsea, New York

Ride, Midtown New York


And then sometimes I find a very willing subject who is happy to be revealed in the full truth of light.

Miss Vodka Stinger on Christopher Street

Anyhow, I’m a bit hung over at the moment so this week’s post is light on the writing. I hope the photos are sufficiently entertaining.  In fact in the interests of balancing out the lack of prose, here’s one more photo of the hair of the dog that bit me. (An American expression having to do with hangover cures.)