6252b-307.jpgHere’s a curious tale for you: A week ago I was approached by someone interested in art collecting and in art blogging, and particularly in the interaction of the two. The C, as I shall call this beginning collector, put forward the interesting speculation that blogged artworks acquire “an aura of fame” that potentially makes them more salable. Whether that’s true or not, it probably doesn’t hurt the value of an artwork for it to be blogged.

6699d-234.jpgIt happens that A&P had come to the C’s attention, and as a way of getting hirs feet wet, the C is considering buying perhaps half a dozen prints of images that have appeared in my posts. My prints are cheap; I’m sure I wouldn’t be writing this post if your paintings, linoleums, quilts, etc. were the same! (But maybe they’ll be next.) The C had good timing, in that just a few days ago I met with a local gallery owner who was enthusiastic about showing my work in her gallery. If that works out, my prices will have to go up, at least for work being sold by the gallery. (Also, the C didn’t know it, but I currently give an unadvertised 20% discount on purchases after the first.)

Now my posted images are a motley assortment, having been selected not necessarily for “quality” but to fit the subject of a post. It’s pretty clear my recent dirt piles bombed, and I won’t even mention the chocolate chip cookie fiasco. I suggested to the C that, if there’s wisdom in crowds, a good selection might be determined by the collective evaluation of you all (meaning ANY AND ALL readers, not only A&P contributors). The C was intrigued by this idea, and though not committed to abiding by your choices, I think s/he would be strongly swayed. S/he certainly hasn’t mentioned any favorites of hirs own yet.

So, for convenience, I’ve compiled below the leading possibilities from each post (which you can revisit by clicking on the title; click on the image to enlarge it). For completeness, I also included in the text above two other images (call them A and B, respectively) that appeared on Mark Hobson’s blog, the landscapist. Please vote for any and all images you care to. Score each that you vote on as a 1, 2, or 3 for top tier, middle tier, lowest tier. Unscored images will be considered to rank somewhat lower. You may find it easiest to cut and paste this template


inserting a 1, 2, or 3 after the letter of each image you want to evaluate.

I’ll do the same myself. I’m very curious whether there will be any consensus picks, and whether my choices resemble yours. Thanks for your help, and I’ll let you know how it all turns out. And of course, I invite comments or suggestions on the whole concept.

C: 41 views

D: Still and falling water

E: Chirping among the birds

F: The mystery of things

G: Twice-Told Tales

H: Art and solitude

I: Steal this idea

J: To BW or not to BW?

K: Junkyard treasure

L: Four views of bare limbs

M: Photograffiti

N: Quark’s rabbit

O: Three more pears

P: Stylistic diversity

Q: Four categories of art

R: What else they might be

S: From the shadows