Every time I paint a face, I learn something about the person being painted and something about myself.

A face does not have to be stately or symmetrical, but it needs to speak to me. Oftentimes, I find expressions that I identify with or abhor in these faces. Ultimately, I think it is the expression and implied emotion that carries the painting more than anything else.

Sometimes, the texture of skin may be in synchrony with the emotions depicted while at other times in dissonance. The skin of an old woman’s face that’s wrinkled and leathery with creases might signal decrepitude while at other times the sadness in the eyes and the mouth of a smooth silky skinned prostitute might also signal the same.

This time, I did not want to end this with a question, but wanted to just show this painting that I did a week back. As usual, comments and thoughts most welcome.



Sunil Gangadharan, ‘A Decay Darkly’, 40″ X 48″, Oil and gesso on masonite