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Painting From Life vs. From Photos

Do or die list for artists

Art News Blog posted a great list of survival tips for artists. The one that made that warm, resonating tone in my head was:

Inspiration is found in the studio while you are working. If you sit around waiting for inspiration before you start creating you will have about 15 paintings finished when you’re 60.

How true how true how true! The corollary: don’t let a lack of inspiration bother you if you are not actually doing art at that very moment.

What a fool I am sometimes, walking in the evening and wondering if I am on the right track with my artwork. When I am painting in the studio, I know I am. That’s the opinion that matters.

In the post at Art News Blog, Dion asks what I will ask here: do you have other artist survival wisdom to share?

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plein air landscape painting

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