This diagram, taken from the web, depicts configurations of the classic male and female symbols in relationships befitting gender orientations. Three of the four portray affinities through linked circles. It is unclear in most such diagrams whether the circles are as chains or merely superimposed. I have created models, with a third dimension added, that inter penetrate, arrow and cross, through circles.

You will recognize the customary gender symbols: a cross on a circle for the female and an arrow on a circle for the male. There is much to explore and to negotiate with these items. First, the very shapes beg further research as I am following this idea with nary a notion of their respective backgrounds. I have seen them associated with astrology and alchemy, so I would assume them quite old. The male symbol represents the planet Mars and the arrow has an anatomical reference. The female symbol represents the planet Venus but the sites I visited didn’t explain the cross shape, except to also declare it anatomical. As a graphic the arrow points upward to a two O’clock position while the cross points downward. These orientations are freed up when in three dimensions, and lead to a range of interpretations.

I have kept it simple for the sake of this post. But interpretive potential increases with changing colors and patterns, sizes and proportions, numbers of units and their relative orientations. Colors can indicate emotions, affiliations, etc., sizes and proportions can indicate relative importance, deviations from a norm and elements can be organized to tell stories. All that and more.

I must admit that the shapes are evocative; especially when they are free to penetrate each other. You get all the issues like who’s on top, who’s got the bigger one. But in keeping with the sedate tenor of this site we will refrain from pursuing this side of the matter – right? But there is a lot to discuss here and I would like to hear whatever comments that these images engender.