After some research in the private art market, I came to conclusion that the most profitable works are commissioned portraits. My dilemma was how I could make contemporary portraits that would be in the ultimate fashion, to meet the taste of the possible new generation clientele? My concern was also not to fall within the ‘so boring’ repeatable or traditional portrait style methods but to offer something new, exiting and creative.

I made an absolutely big research into black and white photography (forever in style), interior design, cat walk color trends, women magazines and lady’s shop windows.

These ‘new age’ portraits are in a style that I am willing to explore further. I have worked from real photos of myself and female friends, in high contrasting tones; adding hair extensions, exaggerating eyelashes, bighting clothes and painting them sexier than ever…

They offer a post-photography period, where the real pictures, each one of them are transformed into an individual piece of art for your eyes only. Enjoy!