Seems like everybody is making a book these days. Lower prices and improvements in quality have made publish-on-demand an intriguing proposition. Reviews are mixed, but I’ve reached the point where I’m interested in giving it a try. Since I tend to work in projects, there are several bodies of work that are candidates for books. I’ve decided to look first at the smallish number of images in the set I’ve called Winter Water, some of which have been placed on my not up to date web site, or discussed here and there on A&P.

A book is necessarily presented as a linear sequence of pages, though a reader (is it still a reader if there are only photographs?) may not follow that order. Nevertheless, assuming one image per page for maximum resolution, it’s an interesting question to consider what sequence might work best. It’s akin to hanging pictures in an exhibit. As I am neither illustrating a narrative nor providing a guide to Pine Creek Falls in Paradise Valley in late November, I am not bound by the order in which the photographs were made or the physical layout of the falls. Considerations include interesting pictorial relationships, pacing, and the overall impression desired. None of these is at all well-defined, and I come up with a different order every time I sit down to it. I make no claims for the latest version shown below; in fact, I’m asking for your help.

6746d-pine_creek_falls-ww.jpg 1

6731c-pine_creek_falls-ww.jpg 2

6749c-pine_creek_falls-ww.jpg 3

6706c-pine_creek_falls-ww.jpg 4

11032b-pine_creek_falls-ww.jpg 5

6705c-pine_creek_falls-ww.jpg 6

6766d-pine_creek_falls-ww.jpg 7

11030b-pine_creek_falls-ww.jpg 8

6715c-pine_creek_falls-ww.jpg 9




I was amused to discover, just now in preparing this post, that the first three images are nearly adjacent in location, going downward from near the top of the falls. This is not, I think, a very good idea, but it’s certainly less obvious when the layout is horizontal. Another aspect of viewing here is the ease of scrolling through the entire set in approximately two seconds. I only wish I could provide you with wine and cheese to encourage you to sip and nibble, with a palate-clearing bit of bread to take between images. Ah, well…

I am very interested in any and all comments or suggestions regarding particular images, the sequence, or the overall effect. Things that work for you and things that don’t. Especially things you notice that might be prompted by the sequence. Thanking you in advance…