Yes, in fact.

A two month toil refinishing the bathroom is coming to a close and its time for that finishing touch. This led us to a round of boutiques. One was Flower Child, an emporium known for its selection of leg lamps. It is a warren of clutter and I had to pull out the camera.


This first is a straight shot. Eye fatigue is a common condition at Flower Child.


I may have mentioned that I’m trying to get a handle on GIMP, a shareware image manipulation program. As is my wont, I stamped, sampled and bucket filled about here.


This figure will look good on the radiator.


The plethora can cause altered states. The Flower Child influence made me a pushover for this Mexican mescaline cat that I ran into soon after. This a fine example of a particular intersection of art and perception.

I ask you.