As I clear my accumulations, I came upon this and its issues.


I have mused upon work that uses words and wondered. What set of definitions makes a letter, or collection of such, art? Any number of people have used lettering in art media since the nineteenth century, so it’s not a new thing. In most of the cases that come to mind, the words and letters have been freighted additions to a larger context. But there are those who have combined phrases, words and letters with various display technologies: light boxes, LEDs, projections, decals etc. Where these efforts fit in the continuum is a lively topic.

I was tempted to wet a toe and tried a sequence of transition words from “yea” to “nay” – curious to look upon it and to see if figured foam could simulate a brass plaque. My first challenge was to create the sequence, which I blew, as “tea”, “tee” and “pee” are not necessary. Then it was the type face, which I tried to keep simple. I was and am ambivalent about the outcome.

How to characterize this experiment… Art? Whimsy? What?