Walking to work I came across these beautiful waves and snapped them with my new point-and-shoot camera. I bought this lovely little Leica when I started walking to my day job because carrying a heavy DSLR camera in addition to my laptop on this 4-mile round trip had made me feel like a pack-ass.

I am snapping such photos on the way to work to learn about water waves and to have potential motifs for painting. I do not expect ducks to co-operate and post for a pleine air portraits.

I am surprised how well these shots turn out because earlier, I used to ‘make’ photographs with my DSLR without preprogrammed settings pretending to be professional photographer. I learned to think ‘make’, not ‘take’ reading about Mannie Garcia, now famous for his iconic Obama photograph. On iht.com, he was quoted

“I have told that to people for years, ‘I don’t take photographs, I make them’ — using the tools that are necessary,” he said. “I have very expensive cameras. I could put that on all programmed settings and automatic — that’s ‘taking a picture.’ I control everything, control the f-stop, control the speed.”