Parked about the place, doing a slow burn, has been a dubious project. It is a deconstruction of sorts wherein an ordered and functional format is scrambled.

It contains the elements of a compass including a round face. The letters designating the cardinal directions, however, are congregated in a pattern that is more self-referential than indicative of a greater orientation. The needle sits idly by, with no particular functional opportunities, or sense of direction.

2009 unfinished compass P&R

No longer much of a compass, the collection of shapes seems to call for a reorganization of content and meaning.  Where things are put can be an open issue. Everything, for example, could be pushed to one side, which would create it’s own associations. The cardinal points could be rearranged around the circle in some kind of a riff on the traditional design. But such a move feels trivial.  The present arrangement comes across as somewhat social in spirit with the letters trying out a Robert Indiana look while the needle contemplates its northness or has turned away in disapproval.  But is such a reassignment legit?  What are the contexts that  would allow one to humanize a compass? Maybe a compass can be seen as purely passive and entirely dependent upon a strict ordering of components, while humans exercise a degree of free will as exemplified by the funk.

I could go on, but a reasonable question might be: what would you do with this, aside from putting it in the closet?