Occasionally I’ll be the first swimmer at the pool. Undisturbed, the waters present a quietly impressive spectacle. I finally remembered to take the camera along on the off chance  and was rewarded with a clear and placid opportunity.

Notre dame pool #1P&R

Within and surrounding the water is a series of rhythms. The bottom of the pool is tiled which is most evident in the black lane guide. Here a very fine grained repetition presents itself.  This is answered by the strings of lane divider floats with their color contrast. Toward the open air are the reflections of the strings of flags which warn the backstroker of an impending wall.  And beyond, the separate lights and the coffered ceiling.  All of these elements serve their various functions, but when congregated within the depths and upon the reflecting surface of the water, become  a form of unity. Here is a design created by the architect and mediated by the water, answering to its own set of laws.

After I’m done admiring, I will dip a toe and watch these quiet relationships dissolve into sinuous  patterns. Then its time to don the goggles and get to work.