The only reality portrayed here is the shape of South Manitou island.

South Manitou

Having spent much of last year learning about pigments and buying various artist oils, I tried some of them here. The colors chosen here do not represent those of my grainy photograph of South Manitou taken on an overcast, grey day. They are fantasy colors chosen to be vivid. This is when my love affair with manganese blue began. Hélas, manganese blue is no longer mined.

Blockx already sell as manganese blue a mixture of different pigments, a phthalo blue with white.
PB15:3—Phthalo Blue and PW4—Zinc White

Fortunately, it appears that Old Holland can still sell PB33 if one has the faith that the back ordered PB33 will materialize..
PB33: barium manganate + barium sulfate

Have you ever squirreled away products before companies ran out of them?