Wedded to watery motifs, fond of reflection, and taking advantage of a brilliant, calm day in the dunes of Northern Michigan, motifs as the following were collected:

a more comprehensive view:

another close-up:

Bringing out the edges?

As a ‘sharpening’ freak, conditioned by microscopy in my day job, I reflexively ‘smart sharpen’ or ‘unsharp mask’ my images. Particularly, as my zoom lens with its very convenient range does not give the sharpest images at a telephoto distances.

A first attempt at general sharpening of the above images to accentuate watery reflections produced an overly garish look. Therefore, I decided to selectively sharpen the mirroring to my heart’s content.

Two decades ago, when I visited exhibitions of Richard Estes’ paintings with their cityscape reflections, I scrutinized watery reflections of the hilly Long Island Northshore, wondering whether one could manage to capture them in a painterly photorealistic style.

How demanding would it be to paint reflections as the ones above?