Update: Sunday 26 November 2:00 pm California Time

We have all three pages up now, thanks to Colin Jago. Please check them out. This is the page for comments, though.

This tutorial is in three parts:

a) Loading images into a post when you already have an image that it the right size for the post.

b) Loading images into a post when you want WordPress to sort the sizing out.

c) Preparing images for the web.

Update: Placing images in comments

1. First, the image has to live on the web. If it’s not there already, put it on any site you control (anyone can get a free blog or photo sharing space you can upload to). If you wrote the post or have a dummy post, it could be uploaded to the post. To get the URL to use to reference it, insert it into the post, then find it in the html. Don’t save the change!

2. To get the image into the comment, just include a line like the following:


3. Since images are common in spam, occasionally an image-containing post is mis-identified as spam. Let an admin know and we’ll fix it.