I’m interested in the relationships for each of us among four categories of art. Maybe five for technical reasons having to do with the size of our bank accounts.

1. Art we make
2A. Art we own (but didn’t make)
2B. Art we would like to own but don’t because we can’t afford it. (For the purposes of this question only, you can have it. But only as much as fits in your home.)
3. Art we like to look at but don’t really want to own.
4. Art we don’t like to look at.

These categories are reasonably exhaustive and mutually exclusive, except for just a tiny wee bit of overlap between 1 and 4 in my case.

Here are my particular questions:

Q1. Is the art in category 2 similar to that in 1, or is there a difference in genre, style, or subject?
Q2. What do you get out of art in category 3?
Q3. What art is in category 4? And is it closer to 10%, 50%, 90%, or 99% of all art in the world?

My personal answers:
A1. 2A is either other photography (four other photographers) or one real print my wife has had forever. The rest is family art or reproductions, except for our one expensive piece, a $350 metal sculpture called “Night Wind” that goes well over the mantel with the photo above. Category 2B, art I’d like to own, would include mostly painting, also some photography I covet, mostly different from my own in style. And a fabulous art quilt if I could figure out where to put it. In style, I’d like abstract as much as representational.
A2. I like to look at all kinds of art, but wouldn’t want most of it for free if I had to dedicate wall space to it (investments don’t count). I probably enjoy painting and photography most in this category. I like to study how other artists do things and get ideas for my own work. Not ideas for imitation but a repertoire of approaches and techniques that will likely influence what things I see and how I see them. I do find various kinds of conceptual art interesting, but it doesn’t seem to be what I want to look at daily.
A3. Includes anything kitschy or blatantly commercial, which is probably at least 90% of what’s out there, but feels more like 50% because I tend to tune it out before it reaches a conscious level. I’m sure I miss things and if it’s a gallery or similar setting where I see something that I’m not really interested in, I try to take advantage of any simpatico artist or fan willing to lead me around and talk me through it.