Saturday morning, eight am, and still no post ready.

I have a good reason: I’ve been too busy drawing to write; moreover, I certainly have little time or patience for image manipulation with a computer.


In fact, these days, I pretty much get a sinking feeling whenever I turn one of the damn things on. Compared to the luscious sensuality of a brush, a keyboard and mouse seem hostile and uncivilized. So I haven’t been commenting much.

It’s just a phase. I’ve been through this before.

But I wanted to share what I’ve been doing. I have this whole exposition on drawing figures from memory and imagination planned. I did a whole expose of the truth behind my recent roman à clef. That was what I was going to do. Except I’m just not ready. Too much more work to do. The process of rediscovering lost wisdoms from my youth has been a mega challenge. Recreating my work of the era has taught me that I knew some things better then than I do now.

But I do have a relevant topic for another post. Last week, I hit you all with something radically different for A&P. One thing I really got from the comments was that the piece would have been SO much better with illustrations. That very night, I got super busy doing just that — working up some illustrations.

I have heard some chatter that A&P has too much judgmental criticism and is too long winded and boring. Ironically, those are the most judgmental comments I’ve seen, and it’s starting to get boring.

Because I have not been so inspired in years.

Thank you. Thank you to those who make an effort to make this place great. It is easy to tear down. It is tough to build. It is even harder to re-examine oneself. Inspiring artists to do better work is the best goal I’ve seen us reach so far. It’s working for me, blemishes and all.