Recently, I spent my leisure time documenting where I lived as a child. As part of my day job, during that time, I used adobe photoshop to pseudocolor grey tone RBG images by cutting color channels in the ‘difference layer’ mode. Trying that trick on two of the Frisia pictures, I came up with the image above.

This, by comparison to the originals, garish image strikes a cord with me. I feel that it epitomizes my memory or feelings about North German Frisia and the coast line – brick farm houses with a hip roof line and oil tankers on a pier in the North Sea.

A while back, I asked Bob Martin to let me know if he ever taught a workhop because I would like to learn to paint. This came in my email.


It seems that what I did over my winter holidays, quoting Bob ..look at what matters to you and interpret this in images..