I was cleaning up, recycling what needed to be pitched, getting ready to move on

when R. asked:

Do you need money?

What came to mind was Mannitou monoclonal antibody. Preparing to throw-in-the towel, passing stuff on to the next generation, I had finally gotten around to give this antibody a chance. Long behold, it recognizes mannose glycan on cells demonstrating heightened activity – human stem cells, cancer cells, cells at sites of inflammation. Could Mannitou glycan be a biomarker for disease? Could Mannitou antibody be of therapeutic value?


Would this Mannitou project be a face lift of an earlier study focused on the biological role of mannose glycan using an antibody that works only in ANNILIDS? Does Mannitou glycan mediates proliferation of HUMAN cells similar to invertebrate mannose mediating the proliferation of axons in the leech nerve cord?

REVISED megalift, cropped per Melanie’s suggestion:


Am I willing to embrace a new science project? Depression set in. Continue dealing with stinking chemicals, biohazard issues, machines breaking down? What about my art project on digital painting? My art website under construction?

I hope that the answer is to involve in this Mannitou project a younger person, M., who needs a promising line of research for her professional survival.


(1) Has some ‘Oldy’ resurfaced in your life, imbued with energy?
(2) How common is ‘mentoring’ in the world of the arts?