Steve’s recent post: “Light, Dark, Figure, Ground” presents a fine example of dappling as the tree in question seems to dissolve in patterns of light and shade.

The name “Forest City”, applies well to large areas of Greater Cleveland. Our property in Cleveland Heights is rather woodsy and can produce an array of shadow effects. This dappling is a constant source of fascination and subject matter. This morning it was the side of the house.


I like to work outside and the shifting patterns that move across my work can be both a problem and a blessing. One the one hand a certain prettifying is apt to occur which can interfere with sober judgment, but on the other hand the complexity of lighting is often the source of inspiration. In this image the setting sun through the foliage creates a very stagy effect.


Elements of my ongoing scissor jack project are piling up and I have taken to hanging them like so many coats on pegs. Here is a dappled collection of units awaiting further sorting out. These objects seem to like the influence of of light and shadow and it makes me wonder if I am beginning to think like a forest dweller.

But these accidents do cause me to think about exhibition lighting. What is happening naturally here has a certain charm. However, If similar effects were to be applied in a gallery setting, would they come across as forced? Can’t say without trying things on location. But my question would be, do you have lighting issues and/or preferences in your gallery installations?