Until I can get it through my head how to place images in comments I’ll have to post.

I found a jar and it says: Utrecht Linens Iridescent Silver. Otherwise Iridescent Gold. The ingredients label mentions coated mica, which I understand involves an application of titanium.

For Birgit here’s a closeup of that house:

I dug around, looking for ways that the gold had been applied.

This is a detail of a skyline with a lot of power lines.  It’s another foam item, and, as I remember, I sprinkled a little sand on the surface and then fixed it with a spray. A dark hue was followed by gold, which I applied with my fingers. The sand grains excluded the paint from their vicinities, thus giving this mottled effect.

This is a detail of Versailles. A bit of the palace appears across the bottom, and the rest is gardens. The painting was originally titled His Presence as I was trying to suggest that the Sun King cast a glow throughout his domain . A bit corny, that. So the painting became an exercise in creating a kind of brass plaque. The gold was applied over aspects of the prior exercise, and was then gone over with a light rubbing of dark viridian, tempering the gold and giving the sense of a patina.