What came to mind is ‘das Unvollendigte’, translated into English as ‘the Unfinished’. Below are three paintings that I worked on off and on since the spring.

The first one is a view from a Pierce Stocking Drive dune.

12×16, oil on board.

The second one is the classic motif of the Sleeping Bear seen from Empire (named after a shipwreck off shore).

12×16 oil on board.

These two pictures will not be finished simply because Troels fancies them. The first one, he thinks that I may not be able to improve on much further with my current level of competence. The second one, he simply likes the abstractness of the shapes of the underpainting.

Happily, this view of the Empire Bluff did not catch his fancy and I am free to play with it.

12X12, oil on board.

From now on, I will enjoy his comments but not let them inhibit me from pursuing my adventures in painting. Do you feel inhibited from proceeding with your ideas if someone likes your ouvre?