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waves wogen vagues

The depiction of waves is a cherished painterly activity. Here is one of my studies depicting double waves.

SBD080709, 16 x 12 in, 41 x 31 cm; oil on board

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What came to mind is ‘das Unvollendigte’, translated into English as ‘the Unfinished’. Below are three paintings that I worked on off and on since the spring.

The first one is a view from a Pierce Stocking Drive dune.

12×16, oil on board.
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Water rhythm

To learn about fluid dynamics and how to depict it, I will now use this picture as a motif for painting:
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My latest opus, a duck rushing along the river during mating season:

12 x 16, oil on board more… »

Duck Fun

Walking to work I came across these beautiful waves and snapped them with my new point-and-shoot camera. I bought this lovely little Leica when I started walking to my day job because carrying a heavy DSLR camera in addition to my laptop on this 4-mile round trip had made me feel like a pack-ass. more… »

reinvent your childhood

Suppose you grew up in a place that was ravaged with destruction, imagined, imaginary or real, where would you subsequently gravitate?

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learning to paint water

First, I tried painting this body of water:

However, the waves looked like worms. I painted over my worms more… »