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Archives for August, 2010

Chains Around My Art

In answer to some real physical issues and intrigued by the visual possibilities, I have been experimenting with plastic as a medium for making chains. Acrylic plastic is tough and I have found that it stands up well to the jostling to which these chains tend to be subjected.

As a matter of aesthetic choice I have tended to make the chain links rectangular and with flat sides – a design that is also easily fabricated.  In some instances I have made chains using opaque plastic in available colors and finishes. But more I have customized clear stock with a number of different results.

The first image shows a simple assemblage of links whose colors and textures are derived from interference paints which I squeeze between clear sheets, which are then pulled apart. Once dry, these sheets are glued to a wooden framework.

iridescent links P&R

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Tree’s Daughter

Tree's daughter

The Tree’s Daughter

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Size:95×63 cm

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61 x 45, oil on birch panel

Do you see sky or water?
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