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Rand and McNally Dreaming

The dreamings of the Australian aboriginines represent a kind of art that goes to the core of their identities. To the extent that that represents any kind of  an accurate description, allow me to state that these images are at something of an opposite extreme in that they play around loosely with important documents.

My initial impulse in doing maps was to effect some sort of transformation. A road map tells you what you, in your car, need to know about getting around. How about if the map were treated as a template through which other concerns were granted expression?  There’s a lot to think about and do in this department and I feel that I have gotten so far as to dip my little toe so far.

peninsula processwed and resized

This object is a straight-out gouge into a piece  of particle board.  It is derived from a map of Peninsula, Ohio, a picturesque village with bars, gift shops, but no place to buy a toothbrush. I was looking to produce the effect of a rather rusticated brass plaque.

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Routes Eight and Fifty Nine

My studio feels like a meat locker today. Working on a nice warm laptop seems like a good idea.

For a long time this image has sat on the bubble – that is to say, it has occupied a corner of the studio and my mind. It has been either on its way to the scrap heap or onward to further attention.  A brief description: this is of medium density particle board, incised with a router and depicting a portion of Akron, Ohio in the form of a map. It has been around for a few years and has undergone a number of changes in response to a variety of notions on my part. Prior to this iteration it had been painted red with mica glitter occupying the grooves. Pointless.

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