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Celebrating a promising event in my life by posting still another painting of South Manitou, freshly retouched. Same format as before.


misty seascape

The only reality portrayed here is the shape of South Manitou island.

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snow in the dunes


oil on maple panel, 40 cm x 50 cm

Improvised from a photograph this winter taken near Otter Creek in the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Colors were mixed from Ultramarine blue, Manganese violet, Turner yellow, Chinese Lake, white and black. None of the mixtures displayed even the slighted hint of green.

Having gained some experience with choosing and mixing pigments, I consider, that a next, fruitful step in learning to be a better painter will be to follow Cennini‘s advice and practice drawing – daily.

Sand Painting

Finely ground black sand overlies coarser light sand at a particular location along the shore of Lake Michigan.

Rough surf paints in black sand.
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oil on a maple, 12 x 12 inches

A meditating duck in the Banter Lake outside Liselotte’s cabin in Wilhelmshaven.

The color that I chose for painting water in Northern Germany differs from my usual Lake Michigan color mix. Today, it consists of Ultramarine Blue, Dioxane violet, Titanium White and Zinc White.

I paint water, June paints the desert. Do you also have a proclivity for a particular motif or theme?

Black water

I guess it’s natural for a photographer working in black and white to notice where things fall on the continuum between the two. Though all shades of gray are lovable, it’s more the extremes that seem to win my heart. It’s the attraction of pure yin and yang. It’s therefore a special delight when winter brings a reversal of this duality in one of my favorite subjects, namely streams and their ilk. Once there’s snow on the ground and ice forming on the bank, the water itself turns dark, just the opposite of the typical summer pattern of white water amid dark rocks or ground. Since a trip a couple months back along a local stream after the first big snowfall, I’ve been contemplating a series I tentatively called Black water. The early images didn’t seem especially promising, but I never found time to take a good crack at it.


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Wedded to watery motifs, fond of reflection, and taking advantage of a brilliant, calm day in the dunes of Northern Michigan, motifs as the following were collected:

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