Recently another student doing a school project at the University of Southern Indiana was comparing one of my works to a Salvador Dali painting asked me to give him some insight on the meaning of “The Eclipse”.

“The Eclipse of Love” (complete title) is one of my early works. It is one of my most romantic sensual pieces… My work is personal and about my life experiences at the time. The idea of this painting came from a sketch I made in the summer inspired by the total Eclipse of the sun (Aug 1999).

At the time, husband and I were starting our romance and would spend hours of tongue rolling and strolling in the park under the trees. In 2001 when we moved together I decided to make a painting of this idea as a reminder of how our relationship started. It’s hanged in our bedroom since.

I would probably sell many of my paintings but this one is the one I am mostly emotional attached to. This student after examining my painting “The Eclipse of Love” to Dali’s “Cannibalism in autumn” found out that they are very similar in his opinion. But the main difference he found was that I was expressing love while he is expressing death… Any thoughts??