I have been placed under oath to endeavor a cleansing of my own Augean Stables. There’s a lot of stuff around that could cause my heirs a world of headaches if left for them to handle.

To that end I have been rooting things out of their various hiding holes and exposing them to the light of day, thereupon to pass judgment. One category of item is cast plaster of which this is a gathering.



It all started when I poured plaster into a smooth depression of saran wrap covering a cooling bowl. I was so seduced by the result that I fell headlong into a trap of creating answers without questions. The plaster took colors so well and shined up so nicely that I followed the effects without regard for a coherent rationale.

I fell in love with the idea of manufacturing, of creating a big blooming mass of something. But, in the end, the plaster proved to be too heavy and fragile. If I want to do more of this kind of thing I will resort to expanded pvc which can replicate much of this and a lot more.


But, yes, I did learn a great deal from this experience, which I tend now to consider a kind of classwork in the school of hard knocks. My glitz fixation is ever so evident and it is clear that, in almost every instance I could have benefited from a greater complexity in the work. I had to learn beginner’s things – for example if one item is good , repeating it four times is not necessarily better. Or maybe I needed to repeat it a hundred times.

So I will have some people over to pick through and take what they want. I know, too, that some things will re-introduce themselves to me and suggest further development. But mostly, this is sort of a group photo of the condemned.

Is this what you have in mind June?