I’ve been working on a project.  I’d like folks to look at it and give me feedback.  Apropos of my comment about critiques of single works that need to be seen in a larger context, you have a chance to look at just shy of 90 photos. 

Before you look, some information that may be helpful.  The project is open ended – rather than having a definite goal in mind, it’s loosely organized around several goals.  I’m happy to discuss the goals, but I’d like to get some feedback from you all first.  There’s no significance to the format on my web site other than it’s convenient for me, the pages download in a reasonable time, etc.  Likewise, the order of the images isn’t meaningful to the project; they’re just presented in rough chronological order. 

So I’m interested in having people look at this bolus of photography, and tell me what they think.  Comments on individual photos, comments on the overall collection, comments on the overall direction of the project, or changes in direction you see as you browse through – those are of great interest to me.  Comments like “You should use this cool slideshow flash applet to present the images” are of less interest to me, primarily because the web is a view of the project seen through a glass, darkly.  The real project is a set of prints, 15″ x 20″ image area, intended to be overmatted out to 22″x28″ and then framed. 

One of the things that’s really helpful to me is seeing your questions – any questions. The title of the project, ‘sdg’, is significant but not something I’m prepared to discuss just yet.  Other than that, though, anything is fair game, ranging from technique and technical process all the way through to motivation, goals, whether I’m trying to communicate or not, the technical or artistic quality.

What I’m really hoping for, here, is more than just making this post and getting some comments and having it end with this post; I’d really like to start a conversation with several of you that goes on and on and helps guide the project as it evolves.

The web page of the project is at http://www.butzi.net/galleries/sdg/sdg.htm.