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Archives for February, 2007

Painting from digitally enhanced photographs.

In my guest post a couple of weeks back I was asked to detail some of the techniques that I used to develop some of my paintings and I thought this might be a good topic for discussion.

I typically use the human face as a subject to support statements on issues that I feel strongly (social mode) or I use it to project characteristics like ‘beauty’ (descriptive mode).

Bollywood BroodingsLong neck and adornments

Left : Bollywood Broodings; Oil on Canvas : 3 feet wide X 4 feet high
Right : Long neck and adornments; Oil on Canvas : 3 feet wide X 4 feet high

I use the following steps to create my paintings.

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Story Telling

I’ve always had this interest in how I might be able to tell a story in my paintings, without having to layout every detail.

This painting is a “work in progress” and for me it’s about distance. The two figures have adopted the same stance and maybe for different reason. Because they appear to be in the same location/room, they are together. I will find out what they are about as I continue to paint. Figuring out the story is one of the most enjoyable parts of painting for me.

Cultural Icons

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To BW or not to BW?

Color or BW

Mark’s paintings yesterday inspired me to a flurry of work with the junkyard abstractions that I introduced last week. As I mentioned then, it’s the color as well as the abstraction that I find fascinating. To explore this a little bit systematically, I went through basic preparation of a number of the images to get a sort of baseline treatment. That involves a choice of overall contrast and saturation, and in one case a slight shift in color balance. Later I can investigate more complex possibilities that might involve manipulations of portions of individual images, or variations in the hue-tone relationships.

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Inhale Audio, Exhale Art (by MJ Illingworth)

Currents Affairs at the Bar
Current Affairs at the Bar

Art and music for me combine magically. Over the years, my experience in meditation has also brought my mind closer to breathing music so that it can flow through me in my art. Now music is integral to my painting process. The art produced is the output at the end of each audio journey. The art is not the music or the journey; it is the visual experience resulting from the mixture of the two.

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Happy Chinese New Year From Park Avenue, New York City!

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