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Archives for April, 2008

Styles for seasons (updated)

About five months ago I described my indecision regarding goals or approaches in my horse project. I can now happily report that I’m still unresolved. It appears that simply making lots of photographs doesn’t necessarily result in refinement. I’ve decided to consider this a good thing, since that’s how it is, anyway. Perhaps one lesson can be drawn: to every style there is a season. Lately in Montana the season has been winter, and a look noted earlier has remained prominent, namely one featuring the texture of snow, especially falling snow, sometimes combined with motion-related texture.


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Waking up in the brush

This is dawn on the Colorado Plateau before I put my glasses on. This particular scene from my bag looks better that way.


June Asks

Yes, in fact.

A two month toil refinishing the bathroom is coming to a close and its time for that finishing touch. This led us to a round of boutiques. One was Flower Child, an emporium known for its selection of leg lamps. It is a warren of clutter and I had to pull out the camera.


This first is a straight shot. Eye fatigue is a common condition at Flower Child.

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Pleine Aire: Advantages and Otherwise

I continue to get out and about in my Portland neighborhood, painting whatever resonates with my quirky instincts. I plant my easel on the sidewalk, set up my palette, and proceed to put color on board.

This activity invites community action: sideways glances, deliberate not-lookings, polite “may I see-s?” and full-fledged engagement in conversations.


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Home siting

Despite the theme of a difficult, overwhelming environment in last week’s post, the Anasazi left many ruins that seem sturdy enough to stand up to it, and perhaps even be a source of power. Sometimes, in the photograph, that impression comes from strong lighting of a well-built structure.


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