I’ve shown the likes of these previously. The going has been slow as I have had to sort through a lot of possibilities and pick up some skills.  One thing remains unchanged as I am still stacking balanced elements on a common axis.

The summer a year ago I had stepped back from a somewhat futile campaign in which I had played around with wood lath. The results were fairly weak, but some directions were indicated. Then I discovered plastic with its many options. In fact, I have found that the variety of visual effects – transparencies, mirrors, colors – can resemble a candy store and I have had to restrain myself.

I gave in to the lollipop effect with this piece with mirrors, florescent pinks and a lot of glassiness. The dazzle notwithstanding, I find that I have to work at designing, cutting and assembling something that feels right. In this case I’m somewhere in the vicinity. Another issue is what might be called the Value City Furniture store problem in which the piece ends up looking like it belongs with a chrome and black leather room ensemble.

Transparent plastic bars are set among circular mirrors to create something of a grayish background rhythm. Fronting this are some more colorful and worked embellishments.  Again, the whole thing can so easily go south. Fortunately, units can be replaced and rearranged on the axis and fanned out in whatever pattern seems best.

It is hard to photograph the mirrored pieces as a slight change of position can create big differences.

This stuff may be hard to critique as presented. But I would be glad to hear whatever comments come to mind.